Queen Jadwiga’s Primary School

Queen Jadwiga’s Primary School, also known as Lublin’s Primary School Nr. 21, will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2001. The school was established on September 1, 1911 during grim historical times for Poles. From 1795 to 1918, Poland did not exist on the map of Europe because it had been partitioned amongst Austria, Prussia and Russia. Since 1918, Queen Jadwiga’s Primary School is part of the Polish educational system, and it aims to educate future generations.

Queen Jadwiga’s Primary School and the Polish educational system

According to recent educational legislation, the Polish schooling system is divided into three levels:

- 6 years of Primary School
- 3 years of Middle School
- 3 years of High School

The first three years of Primary School are called integrated teaching. Within integrated teaching, there is no clear definition of subjects, and students are taught by one teacher. In the last three years of Primary School; however, students are educated in seven different fields: Polish, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Computer Science, and Physical Education.

Queen Jadwiga’s Primary School and its location

The school was founded in Lublin by a patriotic teacher by the name of Otylia Tosio. The city of Lublin lies in the south-east region of Poland, and has been witness to many historical events since its establishment in the 14th century. The city has always been an important cultural and agricultural center.

After 45 years of existence, Queen Jadwiga’s Primary School was moved to its present location. The school lies 30 minutes away from the Old City which is the historical center of Lublin.

Queen Jadwiga’s Primary School today

The school’s student body is comprised of 753 students, and taught by 50 teachers. There are 18 classrooms, a 2 computer lab, a gymnasium, and a study-hall. Students can also participate in outdoor sports on the vast grounds of the school, and if needed, professional care is provided by a nurse and a dentist.

Apart from studding and playing sports, students participate in various school organizations and clubs.
A very important organization is the Student Government Association. It is made up of the following groups:

the publications committee;
the academic committee;
the cultural committee;
the ecology club;
the art club;
the “Big Brother” committee.

Through the Student Government Association students actively contribute towards the betterment of their school, and take a great part in social work in their environment. The Student Government Association has organized many events, such as: helping the poor families survive the winter by collecting money, publishing a magazine called “ School Graffiti”, organizing the Eight Grade Prom, and encouraging students to participate in Earth Day.

In the past academic year, Queen Jadwiga’s Primary School, due to its students’ achievements in academic, art and athletic competitions was ranked fourth in the Lublin Province.

More information and photos of the school are available on internet:
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